Buy Your Baby and Toddler Educational Toys this Christmas!

Educational Toys Gift Ideas For Babies And Toddlers

Buy Your Baby and Toddler Educational Toys this Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and with that comes the question – what present to buy your children this year? Another video game, telephone or iPod just doesn’t work anymore. Children need to have fun in real life, but also learn from games that they play. The way children spend their time in childhood has a major impact on their later life. So, this Christmas, the answer is to buy educational games, which will let kids explore their creativity, while still being interactive and fun! Educational Toys Online offers a wide variety of educational toys for all ages, from babies to teens.

Being a baby is one of the most beautiful and enjoyable times. Every day is an adventure of learning new and exciting things. Babies grow up so fast, that is why it is important to not only help your baby develop mentally and physically, but also to enjoy that special time with them. At this young age, we recommend interacting with your baby through a variety of different toys. Pick a selection of 5 and then constantly introduce them to your baby, so that it will develop their memory. Different 3D puzzles are perfect for them! At Educational Toys Online, two of our most popular toys are the Djeco 3D Wooden Puzzle and the Djeco Junzo Lion Stacker. The bright and colourful 3D wooden puzzle features five familiar animals as chunky pieces and is recommended for babies 12 months and older. Each one of the animal pieces is easy to grasp and hold upright so they also can be used as free-play pieces. For older babies, the Lion Stacker is very popular as it is a classic nursery activity toy for toddlers, which has been used for many generations. Junzo the lion has a tummy with 6 colourful stack up rings. The wooden game is good for the development of hand-eye coordination, as well as learning colours and sequence.

When shopping for a toddler, keep in mind that they are little individuals who are determined to explore, experience and feel the world around them. Different materials, sounds, pictures, colours, shapes and sizes are perfect for them to discover more about their skills and interests. Water games, sand games or even drawing books could be what will make your toddler the happiest kid this Christmas! Alex Beep-Beep Stickers For the bath tub are ideal for a toddler, who enjoys water! This 31 piece set includes interconnecting roads, cars, buses, signs and more. Stickers fit neatly into a suction cup mesh bag when not in use and they can also be combined with other bath stickers for even more adventures.

our toddler will also explore the world through pretend play and creativity and they will start showing an interest in your activities around the house, work and shops – even mimicking them through play. Movement, dancing and singing, along to favourite songs, splashing or pouring water, digging sand, and squelching paint between fingers and toes will all be popular play activities. Water play, in the bath or pool, can be a great place for exploring concepts and basic science like pouring, measuring and floating. Toddlers are so busy experimenting, observing, testing, trying out ideas and working out big questions and all types of play are vital for learning.