Dolls and Figurines

Child Psychologists have highlighted how important it is to engage in play in a social context and in types of play designed to build social skills such as turn-taking, compromise, and perspective taking. Pretend play and acting out scenarios with toys and dolls is ideal!


Take your child’s favourite story and act it out together using their dolls or figurines (or with siblings and peers). 

Make it Real

Real life experiences can be captivating for children as they’re easy for kids to connect with! Carry out everyday activities like going to the shops, travelling in care, going to school or eating and bathing with the toys.

Who? What? Why? Where?

While playing with toys introduces questions every now and then to promote conversation and imagination. For example “Where is Teddy going? What is she going to do there?”


Show your child a new action e.g. pretend serving food and feeding a doll. Comment on what you’re doing at the same time, and wait for your child to give it a go as well!

Step out of the parenting role for a moment

Play the role of a patient, doctor, or customer when pretend playing with your child!