Sounds, musical toys & rattles

Infants and toddlers need the opportunity to participate in a world filled with opportunities for sensory experiences! The brain learns about the external world through the sensory system, including: sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Repeated sensory stimulation strengthens the brain’s connections, which supports learning and development of our cognitive skills such perception, memory and attention!

Infants enjoy producing sound effects with materials, and toys that create sounds through movement are a great way to encourage infants and toddlers to explore their toys.

Music play has wonderful benefits as well – building auditory discrimination skills, understanding of cause and effect relationships, fine motor skills, learning about rhythm and beat and of course creativity!

Very young children can start to develop their reasoning skills through learning about ‘cause and effect’. Rattles are perfect for infants to discover this concept as they connect the movement of shaking the rattle to the noise it creates! As they grow, the ‘cause and effect’ relationship feeds into their ability to reason, ‘If I do this, then this will occur’. This gives children greater control over their environments and an understanding of how things work.


If the toys make a sound when a button is pressed, let your child explore this to learn cause and effect relationships e.g.  ‘if I do this, this will happen’.


Mimic the sounds toys make with your child to let them explore the different sounds they can produce with their mouths and find out all the things their voices are capable of!

Ask Questions

Reinforce the different sounds made by animals, vehicles, tools by asking your child “what do you think this one will sound like” or “what did the cow sound like?” while playing with these toys.

Play Along

Play or sing favourite songs and nursery rhymes and clap or use toy instruments like drum kits and shakers along with the rhythm and beat.

For Older Kids

Let them make up a song or make one up together to inspire creativity.