Threading and Lacing

Undoubtedly, children’s writing development depends largely on fine motor skills and muscle movements beginning in the whole arm, through to the hand and thumb & fingers. A great way to support your child’s writing success is encouraging fine motor development through play; studies have found relationships between carrying out fine motor activities and enhanced fine motor skills!

Lacing and threading or sorting beads and buttons requires thumb and finger manipulations, strength, and coordination! It helps build the skills and dexterity required to perform the ‘pincer grip’- using the thumb and index finger to pick up items, and the ‘tripod grip’ required to hold a writing utensil correctly, and control the utensil using the thumb and middle fingers.

Make Patterns

Many toys include pattern cards for your child to copy. If not, work on some patterns together with sequences of shapes and colours. This will support their visual discrimination and cognitive development, as they’re required to plan ahead to carry out the pattern.

Encourage Sorting

Sort the beads or buttons into groups by colour, shape, size and discuss their differences.

Get Creative

With many beading sets it’s possible to create jewellery – inspire creativity by designing bracelets.

Make it a Competition

Once your child is confident, you may have mini races to see who can thread 5 beads or buttons first to encourage dexterity.