How to Make Maths Fun!

While there are many different subjects at school that children may get excited about, mathematics is often not one of them. Common complaints about maths from young kids are that it is boring, difficult and doesn’t seem particularly practical when it comes to things such as algebra. Only later in life is it apparent how important maths truly is when it comes to work or just to day to day living (we’re sure that you know what we mean).

Unfortunately, encouraging your child to study maths because of abstract things in the future like employment prospects and financial management are likely to have little effect on young children who are much more preoccupied with kicking a footy or playing on the playground.

In order to ensure that your child is getting the best head start in life, it is important to get them to understand the value of maths and — even more importantly — passionate about solving those complicated equations!

Life’s a game — and that includes maths!

Children want nothing more than to play. Instead of making study and play two separate things, why not combine them?

There are numerous maths based games available on the market, from board games to online computer games. These are a good way to help your child positively associate maths with being fun, and motivate them to work hard to solve problems and get the right answers. Games with more than 1 player especially can facilitate collaboration when it comes to problem solving.

giving meaning to maths

One of the reasons students struggle with solving complicated maths problems is because they fail to see the practical side of what they are learning about. To this end, it is important to make sure that children are not just told that maths is important, but why it is important. Integrate maths into the daily life of your child. This can be as simple as taking them shopping or to the supermarket with you, challenging them to calculate how much money is being spent or saved on discounts and deals. And at their next birthday party, test them to see if they can cut the cake in a way that guarantees every guest a slice!

Ideas from Educational Toys Online

The Australian money box

A fantastic way to get children used to counting money… Without having to give them real money.

melissa & doug wooden abacus

Once they see how maths was done in the good old days, they’ll never complain about maths again! Not to mention these colourful wooden beads offer a great hands-on learning experience.

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