Looking for a perfect Christmas present for your 6-10 year old?

Educational Toys Gift Ideas For 6 To 10 Year Olds

Looking for a perfect Christmas present for your 6-10 year old?

When you are feeling stressed about having to look for a Christmas present for a child aged 6-10, then keep in mind that children in this age group are in regular contact with the outside world. That’s why it is great to combine friendship and communication through games and fun activities. Educational Toys Online website has a variety of toys and cool kits to choose from.

Friendships are valued more than anything during this age and that is why our most popular product in this age group is the Faux Leather Friendship Bracelets.

This kit makes four classic funky bracelets, that you can add beads and a peace charm too for a fun twist. Making friendship bracelets is an ideal activity for quiet time and it also helps to build hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Another popular product, especially among girls, is Hair Chalk Pens. You can choose to have the coloured Alex Hair Chalk Pens  or the Alex Metallic Hair Chalk Pens.

You can transform your hair safely and easily from plain to colourful using the Hair Chalk Pens. Apply the pen on dry hair and for a temporary streak of colour that is easily removed with shampoo. The kit includes 5 washable chalk pens, a comb and instructions.

If your kid is interested in exploring nature and being outdoors, then the Discovery Kids Bug Barn is a perfect gift!

The magnifying glass, tweezers, canister, net and observation room that comes in the kit offers your child the ability to collect and observe all kinds of bug specimens using the interesting viewing container. This all-in-one kit is perfect to explore the fascinating world of bugs and insects.

A very unusual and interesting present for your child could be a sewing art and craft gift set, such as the Djeco 1001 Nights Stitch Cards.

It can make a great introduction to sewing and textile art. There are three templates each with an eastern theme to complete by sewing through the pre-punched holes with the supplied colourful threads and sequins. Each template is 15 by 21 cm and the sewing kit comes with a round-ended needle and full-colour instruction picture booklet. The finished results look very artsy and give any child a great sense of achievement.

To search our full selection of gifts then check out our website – educationaltoysonline.com.au. You will find even more interesting gift ideas, when searching using the product filter on the website or you can just pick the age group you want to buy for and choose something perfect from there! Every product we sell is cleverly designed, engaging and colourful. No matter what you choose, you are guaranteed superior quality at an affordable price.