Using Play to Develop your Child’s Language Skills

One of the most striking developmental changes occurring from infancy into childhood is the development of language. Can you believe at 18 months, most infants can produce about 50 words, and by the age of 6 most children have 5 000 word families in their vocabulary?!  Language development in children begins from birth, and experts in […]

Sensory Stimulation & Early Brain Development

Did you know that brain growth occurs most rapidly from birth to age 3? Early brain development is a fascinating area! Unsurprisingly, infancy is a period of great change within the brain as it builds connections or ‘synapses’, between its neurons. This is particularly important for cognitive development, as neurons are the ‘working units’ of […]

Attention and Learning

In everyday life, attention plays a critical role forming the basis of our experiences and consciousness. We are always fixing our attention on something, and to complete a task successfully, we must be able to focus and concentrate our mental resources, including shutting out distractions! Attention is a key part of our Cognitive Development – […]