Why to Explore Engineering with Kids

Engineering brings science, maths and even art together to design and construct structures and solve problems! It refers to the practical application of knowledge and design to achieve solutions to human problems and is incredibly diverse! Engineers constantly build on past knowledge and successes to improve and evolve structures, technology, machines and much more – […]

Introducing Maths in the Early Years

Successful learning, understanding and performing mathematics relies on a range of factors, including motivation, language ability, attention, attitudes, IQ and social and educational experiences. Due to the complex nature of maths, and the variety of factors involved, kids learn at different paces and in different ways. Some kids require hands-on experiences, some require opportunity to […]

Kids & Science – Fun Ways to Learn!

According to recent studies, less students are choosing to study science in their senior years of high school, and many adults don’t find science enjoyable due to negative schooling experiences… Many of us often don’t realise just how much of our lives incorporate science, and how scientific issues impact us and modern society e.g. human […]