AGE: 1 – 3 year

Your toddler is a robust little individual determined to explore, experience and learn about the world. They will start to master language skills and you can encourage these skills with everyday play ideas such as listening to your child, chatting together, singing and telling stories. Your toddler will also explore the world through pretend play and creativity and they will start showing an interest in your activities around the house, work and shops – even mimicking them through play. Movement, dancing and singing, along to favourite songs, splashing or pouring water, digging sand, and squelching paint between fingers and toes will all be popular play activities. Water play, in the bath or pool, can be a great place for exploring concepts and basic science like pouring, measuring and floating. Toddlers are so busy experimenting, observing, testing, trying out ideas and working out big questions and all types of play are vital for learning.