Ks KIDS is a kid loving family that are committed to develop toys that develop kids. This is a company that has  developed toys, for over 15 years, with the aim to provide developmental benefits to kids in their early childhood. A unique Learning Triangle accompany all their products, and is unique to this brand, which summarizes what a child needs in his physical, cognitive and social developments as well as the benefits of each toy and how the toy can be used as children are growing older. This beautiful range of toys are especially developed for babies and toddlers suitable from 0 – 36 months and will provide developmental benefits in your children’s early childhood using textures, sounds, colours and images to help develop physical, cognitive and social skills. These toys are adorable, educational and fun to play with. Most of these toys are machine washable and the company is using the safest materials of the highest quality. We believe that the world will be better if our next generation grows up with love and care.