The Top 10 Toys for Children

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The Top 10 Toys for Children

Buying children’s toys can be extremely difficult, and it can sometimes be hard to find something which seems right for the child in question. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of the best toys for children. With these, you can’t go wrong!


Books have it all. They are both educational and fun, and allow a child the freedom to escape into a world of imagination and adventure. If you choose well, you can find books which teach valuable character lessons, show children how to do certain things, or encourage them to pursue worthwhile pursuits.


Balls (and other sports equipment) also make extremely good gifts for children of all ages. They are extremely versatile, especially if you buy a good one, and imaginative children should be able to invent all sorts of games to play with them – not to mention the obvious ones such as soccer or AFL.


If you don’t know what Play-Doh is, then think of bread dough, but not as sticky. This kids toy is designed to last for a long time despite the fact that it is a doughy substance. You can also buy numerous different accessories and other things to go with your Play-Doh set to improve the fun and give hours of enjoyment to any child!

Building Blocks

Who doesn’t have fond memories of playing with Lego, Duplo, or something equivalent as a child? It is one of the most versatile things ever invented. With a simple box of Lego, a child, no matter their age, can have fun building various different models and other things.

Dolls or Puppets:

Any child who says that they won’t or don’t play with some form of miniature human is probably lying to you, especially if they are younger than 10 years old. Giving a child something like a doll, a puppet, or even a teddy bear allows them to use their imagination to act out various scenarios or to play house.


Any young boy’s childhood would be incomplete without model cars and/or trains. Couple these with some sort of track and you have all you need to keep the kids entertained for many, many hours at a time!


Puzzles are for children, and adults of all ages. Simple 2 or 3 puzzles in simple shapes to 3D or layer puzzles for toddlers. They come in many shapes and sizes and they offer hours of mind-engaging fun for people of all ages!

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